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The plugins are a suite of options that are designed to enhance SME Commerce. They allow for a variety of things including; real time credit card processing, e-mail list management, customer surveying, banner advertising, downloadable files, and more.

LiveStats LiveStats is a fully featured, high capacity Web analytics server. It yields detailed Web insights in real-time, and generates up-to-the-minute reports in an easy-to-use Web interface.
Credit Card Processing In order to get set up for real-time processing with PSiGate please click on the statement below that pertains to you.

1. I need a merchant account and payment gateway.
2. I have an existing merchant account and just need the gateway.
Mailing Lists Keep in touch with customers, employees, suppliers or specific interest groups quickly and efficiently. Add opt-in mailing lists for customers to subscribe to. Includes automated "un-subscribe" function and database management features/tracking.
Checkout Questions Ask customers for extended information during the checkout process. Collect further information from customers during a purchase (age, gender, shopping habits, etc).
FAQs Improve customer support by posting frequently asked questions and answers about products and services.
Membership Manager By requiring member (customer) login, will allow specific pricing for each member or groups of members. Great for providing wholesale pricing to retailers, and retail pricing to regular customers.
Banner Ads Post Banner advertisements in three strategically placed sections. Automatically rotate ads for each visitor. Manage advertising with reports, including number of views and click-throughs.
Message Board Provide visitors with the ability to participate in an open forum regarding products, services, offerings or other interest areas. Create a chat room & online community!
Downloads Allow customers to download files, software, documents, sound and video bites. Great for providing user manuals, warranty information, etc.
Links Web link manager allows easy addition of links to other web sites.
Survey Quickly generate online surveys, forms, contests and contracts for customers.
Current Events Post events, news, publications or press reviews.
UPS Rates & Services Identify all the available UPS domestic and international services and displays shipping rates based on a package's specifications.
(shipping must originate and be shipped within the Continental US and UPS must be the only carrier used)
Canada Post eParcel Canada Post's innovative eParcel Shipping Module is designed to give shoppers complete control over their delivery needs.
(business must have a registered business account with Canada Post and Canada Post must be the only carrier used)