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The SME Commerce Administrator is accessible from any web browsing software, anywhere in the world. All of the features are intuitive and easy to use, even to those with only average computer experience.

Products can be added or edited individually, or batch imported by combining the build in import feature and Microsoft Excel, Access or any spreadsheet program. A wide variety of information can be specified for each product including, but not limited to: price, special price, category, shipping weight, supplier, SKU, and description.

'Look and Feel'
Each SME Commerce site can be customized or 'redecorated' in many ways, including: fonts, colours, images, and overall layout. As well, by turning various features of an SME Commerce site on and off it is possible to radically change it's feel. If the built in design capabilities aren't enough, we also offer custom design facilities.

Order Processing
SME Commerce uses standard secure transaction technology to protect merchants and customers during purchases*. Purchases can be accepted in several ways. Those selling to other businesses may want to accept 'On Account' Orders or Purchase Orders. Those selling to consumers may want to accept check or money orders. And of course, it is possible to accept credit cards. (A merchant account is required for those who wish to accept credit cards, and a processing partner is required for those who wish to process credit cards automatically).

* 5click uses Verisign's Secure Socket Layer Certificates to secure transactions

Taxes & Shipping
SME Commerce provides easy and intuitive set up of tax and shipping costs for all orders, including international purchases. It is possible to specify taxes by product and by region; SME Commerce comes with all North American tax rates pre-installed.

Sales Tracking & Reporting
Statistics and data are automatically gathered by SME Commerce. Which products sell the most? On which products are the most profit being made? How often is a given product viewed by consumers on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis?

The best way to determine if SME Commerce will meet your needs is to spend some time using it. We understand this, and if you are interested in evaluating SME Commerce, please contact us.