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Increase web site exposure through registering with Search Engines. Major Search Engines generate 85% of Internet traffic. Registering a web site with these Search Engines is the cheapest way of promoting a web site, as well the most effective for the cost. It is also important to regularly submit a web site, as over time, Search Engines lower the rankings of web sites that haven't been submitted recently.

This can be confusing for those new to the process. 5click strives to simplify this, and can submit a site to over 1000 Search Engines on a monthly basis. When submissions are complete we provide detailed reports.

  US $ CDN $
Search Engine Registration $15/month $20/month
(includes registration with over 1000 Search Engines)

We register with:

There is a interval between the submission of a web site to a Search Engine and when the Search Engine is updated. This interval varies from Search Engine to Search Engine. Some take 2 or 3 days, some take two weeks, and others take 4-5 months. On average most Search Engines take around 5-8 weeks to become updated.

(The best way to attract web visitors is still by word of mouth. Treat customers well and process orders quickly and they will come back and purchase again, and tell their friends about their experience.)