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January 15, 2002


American Express Certifies 5click as a LockIt Solution Provider

5click one of first four Canadian companies certified to provide new online payment security feature
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, January 15th, 2002 -- American Express ( announced today a partnership with 5click of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ( to provide on-line credit card purchasers with LockIt, a new Internet on-line transaction security feature.

LockIt enables secure Internet purchases to be made at merchants' websites using an EMV - enabled American Express chip card. The EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) standard is a new platform designed to replace the magnetic strip cards with a more secure microchip standard. Over time both credit cards and merchant terminals will be replaced with new EMV standard cards and devices.

5click is one of only four software and electronic payment solutions providers that American Express has chosen to help launch LockIt. American Express is in the process of providing EMV card readers to its customers across Canada.

5click merchants that accept payments via their website by American Express customers will have their fraud risk greatly reduced.

In addition to protecting merchants against fraud, LockIt also ensures that consumer credit card information is kept confidential. Maintained exclusively on American Express servers, credit card information is not available to merchants using LockIt thus benefiting both consumers and businesses with this added security feature.

American Express' choice of 5click confirms 5click as an innovative leader in the Canadian ecommerce industry. By participating in initiatives such as this, 5click continues its commitment to improving online commerce for both businesses and consumers through innovation and education.

LockIt will initially enable more than 1,000 affiliated businesses to offer LockIt secure online transactions to their customers. These merchants will be able to reduce fraud costs for LockIt transactions since each transaction authenticates that both card member and card are present for the transaction.

LockIt smart credit cards are now available through American Express and CIBC. For a demonstration of the LockIt solution, visit CIBC's Demo Page.

About American Express
American Express in Canada operates as Amex Canada Inc. and AMEX Bank of Canada with headquarters in Markham, Ontario. Amex Canada Inc. and AMEX Bank of Canada employ about 3,000 Canadians in 13 cities coast-to-coast.

Amex Canada Inc. is a leading provider of travel related services in Canada and assists companies in managing and controlling their business and travel expenses. AMEX Bank of Canada is the issuer of American Express Cards in Canada. Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of the New York based American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

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