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Vancouver, British Columbia - March 15 2001 - 5click, a leading provider of electronic commerce software solutions, today announced the release of SME Commerce Version 1.0.

SME Commerce is a competitively priced, e-commerce solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Based on the 5click Commerce Engine, merchants can manage all of the functions of their e-commerce sites with user friendly management tools.

Ideal for businesses expanding their operations to include electronic commerce that do not wish to invest in network infrastructure, technical personnel, and the long development cycles typical of most online commerce solutions. Compatible with 5click's custom and enterprise solutions, businesses can add custom functionality and resources as their business grows, eliminating the need to migrate to an entirely new software if your business booms on the net!

With template driven tools for designing an online product catalog and commerce website, SME Commerce will appeal to most small business owners looking to build and manage their own business online. Advanced users will benefit from the customizable templates and file management system that allows for the creation of unlimited unique pages, with or without FTP access.

Corporate Overview:

5Click is an electronic commerce software developer with applications servicing both small to mid sized and enterprise level clients. 5Click has developed products that have been designed to provide companies with the ability to initiate, design and deploy an online e-commerce platform.

5click is located in Vancouver, British Columbia with over 50 partners worldwide promoting 5click electronic commerce solutions including Canoe/Netgraphe and Dominion Information Services.

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