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April 18, 2000 - 5click is pleased to announce that we have partnered with for the purpose of promoting our Canadian clients shopping sites. All of our Canadian based merchants are invited you to participate in Canada's ONLY comparison shopping network,

eZuz (pronounced "easy use") has over 5500 well-known merchant partners world-wide like Disney, eToys, ESPN and Bluefly that have tapped into their powerful shopping engine to increase their sales.

They are now expanding into the Canadian market as the first comparison-shopping web site -

It was the Retail Council, in fact, that last year helped raise alarm that Canadian retailers dangerously lag behind their U.S. counterparts online. A study released by the Council at its annual convention last June, found that two-thirds of the $688 million Canadians spent online in 1998 went to U.S.-based sites. (Toronto Star. February 2, 2000) drives purchasing customers to your web site to increase online sales.

The Benefits of joining

  • Increase your exposure on the Internet
  • Drive more traffic to your product pages
  • Expand your market share nationwide
  • Enjoy advertising and promotional benefits
  • Build brand awareness in your marketplace

Requirements for Participation

  • you must be selling goods online
  • you must have SSL encryption technology
  • your prices must be listed in Canadian Dollars
  • Ideally, professional digital images of your products
  • you must have product descriptions

How it works

If you are one of our canadian clients simply send us an email to indicate your interest in joining this promotion. Once we have verified that you wish to participate we will integrate your database of products into the main product database of This will allow shoppers searching for your products to link directly to your product pages from This program is free of charge for the first 6 months after which time you will be able to evaluate the success of the program and determine if you wish to continue. Details of any costs will be forwarded to you well in advance of the expiration of the free trial period and will likely consist of a commission for sales leads

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